Are There a Lot of Poshmark Scams/Scammers?

No, there really aren’t. There will always be your bad apple, no matter the platform you decide to sell on. Poshmark has its bad apples, but they make up an extremely small chunk of the millions of excellent sellers that make up the platform. If you’re interested in a higher-end product that is listed on Poshmark, do your research on authenticating it through the photographs provided before purchasing it. If not enough angles are provided, simply ask for more.

If you’re uncomfortable with a certain seller/product, then it’s probably safer to just stay away and stick with proven 5-star Poshmark Ambassadors instead. If you’re stressed about buying on Poshmark, your best bet is to stick with Poshmark Ambassador Closets. This way, you are extremely likely to have a positive buying experience due to their status within the platform.