How Can I Save on Shipping as a Buyer?

How Can I Save on Shipping as a Buyer?

As a buyer, of course you want to spend as little as possible when shopping. With Poshmark, there is a ‘Bundle’ feature that allows you to do just that if you were interested in purchasing two or more items from a single seller’s Poshmark Closet. With using the Bundle feature, you will save $6.79 per item that you purchase from that seller’s Closet.

An added bonus with Bundles is that most Poshmark sellers will have a Seller’s Discount setup inside their Closet that offers buyers who Bundle from their Closet an added discount of between 5% – 30% off of Bundles of 2 or more items.

If you were looking to get discounted shipping (buyer pays $5.00) or the full $6.79 shipping cost removed from your purchase price, just keep in mind that the buyer has to pay this discounted or full shipping cost.

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