How Can I Trade on Poshmark?

How Can I Trade on Poshmark?

Although it is not against Poshmark’s terms of service or rules to trade on the platform, it is something you should always be wary about unless you know the person you’re trading with personally.

To trade on Poshmark, both parties who’ve agreed to trade will lower the items in question to the lowest allowed selling price of $3. Both parties would then buy one another’s items and pay the shipping on top, which brings the total to $9.79. So although you’ve agreed to trade with someone on Poshmark, because there is no actual feature that allows this to happen, you are stuck paying almost $10 to get the trade completed. The other party is also paying almost $10.

If you’d rather buy an item that you saw on Poshmark off of the platform, you are reminded that this is entirely against the Poshmark rules, and you may be punished for attempting to get a seller to do so for you, so do not even ask in the comments.

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