How Do I Delete a Love Note I Received?

If you ever wish to delete a love note (which is a publicly-visible note left on a Poshmark seller’s about page by a buyer for giving a 5-star rating + a comment), you are able to do so by opening the Poshmark app on your smartphone and heading to the Account Settings (far bottom-right). Once there, scroll down to ‘My Sales’. Next, scroll down to the item that sold and tap on it. Once you’re at the sold listing page, choose the ‘Problems / Order Inquiry’ button at the bottom of all the options. Finally, select ‘Remove Love Note’, which is the 4th option from the top.

This is useful in the event that someone tries to make you look extra bad by giving you a 5-star rating with a real nasty comment attached to it. Negativity usually isn’t good for business.