How Do Poshmark Bundles Help Me as a Buyer?

How Do Poshmark Bundles Help Me as a Buyer?

Poshmark Bundles are helpful to buyers because they offer you huge savings on multi-item purchases from a single seller’s Poshmark Closet, with most sellers providing an added Seller’s Discount that works for their entire closet which provides an added 5%-30% off of Bundles of 2,3, 4, 5, 6 or 7+ items. The discount that is in place is entirely up to the seller.

Poshmark buyers pay $6.79 per order from a single person’s closet, no matter what. If you Bundle 10 items from a single seller’s Closet, you will only pay shipping once; rather than paying $67.90 for ten separate items.

On top of the shipping discounts, say the closet in question has a 25% discount off of 2 or more items, and you have interest in two $30 items from their closet. Rather than paying ($30 + $6.79 + $30 + $6.79 =) $73.58 for these two items, you will instead pay only $51.79. That’s an INSTANT savings of $21.79!

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