How Do Poshmark Returns Work?

As a buyer wanting to return an item you just received, you will need to choose to not accept the item, or if you already accepted the item, you’ll have to open up a return request through the Poshmark app. If the return request is approved by a Poshmark associate (which can take several days), you will then be provided with a return shipping label to print and ship back the item to the seller. If your return reason does not comply with Poshmark’s terms of use, your return will not be accepted, which you can then attempt to resell the item on the Poshmark app if you so choose. Proof photographs must be provided for all return requests.

As a seller dealing with a return, the seller’s funds will be refunded back to them and removed from your pending monies. You should be receiving your item within a week of the return being approved. Returns are not accepted for fit issues and many other issues. If you do not hide any damage or false advertise in your listing, in most cases returns are denied by Poshmark staff.