How Does Poshmark Compare to eBay? (eBay vs Poshmark)

How Does Poshmark Compare to eBay? (eBay vs Poshmark)

Well, they’re alike in many ways, but so different in many others. The two platforms are generally reselling websites. They both allow you to sell new and used clothing and accessories. eBay allows much more, but Poshmark is focused strictly to fashion.

The next major difference between the two selling platforms is that eBay is available globally, whereas for the time being (as of March 2, 2019), Poshmark is only available to those residing in the United States.

When it comes to sellers, Poshmark is a far easier and quicker experience when listing something new.

Poshmark does not require sellers to weigh their items (unless they feel it’s nearing or above 5 pounds), where-as eBay requires exact weight of every item being shipped out, so that correct postage is being paid. Poshmark and USPS have come together to create PoshPost, which provides sellers on the app with pre-paid instant USPS postage the moment a buyer pays for an item from your closet.

Poshmark is better in many ways, and eBay is lacking behind in many ways, but eBay has a much, much higher reach, whereas Poshmark is just recently stepping out of its company’s infancy years.

There are many other things that set the two platforms apart, but this is a fair start.