What are Poshmark Parties?

What are Poshmark Parties?

Poshmark Parties are pre-planned online social parties set out by Poshmark at specific hourly columns throughout the day, every single day.

There are usually three parties per day, one starting at 1pm, the next starting at 5pm, and the last one beginning at 8pm (MST).

The Poshmark parties are 2-hour online events that happen on the Poshmark platform, where you are able to share the closet listings that correspond with the party’s set out rules, to the hundreds of thousands of people that view through these party listings (which are available far after the 2-hour event has passed).

Most of the parties are very limited in what you can share, because parties are designed to focus on specific categories (Athleticwear only, Petites only, Shoes only, etc.).

Tip: If you can only attend one party per day, the best one to attend will always be the evening party (which begins at 8pm MST), because it almost always allows you to share your entire closet, and it is the party that has the most activity.

Heads up! You can only actually share each individual listing to a party once. If you attempt to share a listing to the same party a second time, it will act as if it worked (without error), however will not show up at the top of the party feed. It will however re-share that listing to the top of the search feeds. This has all been confirmed by Poshmark staff.