What Are Poshmark’s Shipping Costs?

What Are Poshmark’s Shipping Costs?

As of now, February 2020, Poshmark’s flat-rate shipping fee is $7.11 per package. This is what the buyer pays when purchasing an item from a seller’s Closet.

If a buyer bundles multiple items from a single seller’s Closet, they will only have to pay the $7.11 shipping fee once. (This is with no added cost to the buyer, until the weight of the package exceeds 5 pounds).

If a seller sends an offer to likers on an item that you happen to like, you will get a discounted price on that item of at least 10%, with an added shipping discount of either $2.12 off (so buyer pays $4.99), or you will receive free shipping (so the full $7.11 comes straight from the buyer’s potential income on your purchase).

If you’re a buyer, keep in mind that asking for free shipping on a listing that is up for say, $10, leaves that buyer with a total net of $0.26 on that item; and that’s not including their cost of goods. (Remember, Poshmark takes ~20% of all sales that are $15 or higher.)

Poshmark’s PoshPost shipping costs were $6.79 in 2019, $6.49 in 2018, $5.95 in 2017, and $4.95 prior to that, but with prices of USPS going up, so too are the prices of those services relying solely on the company.