What is Poshmark Authentication (Posh Authenticate)?

What is Poshmark Authentication (Posh Authenticate)?

Posh Authenticate, as Poshmark calls it, is the program that the company has in place that makes sure that all products sold for $500 or more on Poshmark are authentic luxury items, and not fakes.

The authenticity process is completely free for anything sold for more than the prior-mentioned dollar amount. Instead of shipping the item directly to the customer, Poshmark provides an address to one of their authenticity offices, which is where the buyer will send the item. Poshmark will then receive the item, authenticate it, and delivery it on its way to the buyer if all is well. If the item doesn’t come back as verified authentic, the buyer will be refunded their money.

Any buyer that purchases an item on Poshmark for $500 or more gets automatic free shipping ($6.79 $7.11 as of Feb. 2020).

At this time, I am uncertain if Poshmark destroys the item if not authentic, or if they ship it back to the original seller.