What is the Drafts Feature and How Do I Use it?

What is the Drafts Feature and How Do I Use it?

Poshmark recently (February 2019) released the My Drafts feature to all of its Poshmark users. The feature was first noticed by a Poshmark user in early December 2018.

To save a listing as a draft, simply add a cover photo and whatever details you wish to a new listing. Once you’ve done so and would like to save your listing as a draft, scroll to the bottom, hit the “Cancel” button, then you’ll notice an option that says “Save to Drafts”. Tap that and you’ve just saved your first draft.

To use the drafts feature on mobile, hit the ‘Sell’ button (bottom-center), and the built-in camera app should open. Once it does, you’ll notice if you look at the top-right, an underlined word that reads “Drafts”. Tap it, and you’ll see a list of all your drafts.

To use the drafts feature on desktop, head on over to the Poshmark website, then click on the “Sell on Poshmark” tab found at the top-right corner of the screen. Once you’ve done so, you’ll notice any drafts that you’ve saved at the very top of the page, in an image carousel style.

You are limited to a maximum of 15 active drafts at any one time. This limit may very well change in the future.