When is Poshmark Coming to Canada?

When is Poshmark Coming to Canada?

The Poshmark Canada Beta was released to the public on the morning of May 29, 2019. You can sign up for your free account right now at poshmark.ca (thank you if you use code POSHERCLUBNORTH when signing up) and swap from US to Canadian listings in the newly-updated Poshmark app on iOS and Android devices. There is only one universal ‘Poshmark’ app (so don’t expect to find a ‘Poshmark Canada’ app).

Although Poshmark Canada is now available to Canadians, it is not possible to sell to Americans in the United States. Only Canadians to Canadians and Americans to Americans. Poshmark says they are in the midst of figuring out international shipping.

It is still possible to sell on Poshmark US if you reside in Canada, but you will need to have access to a US-based address to ship your items and receive items to.

You will also need a shipping service in your area that will take your packets into the United States on a daily basis so that you can use USPS to ship your products. Do not use Canada Post; it’s too expensive. (I personally use DYK Post [Alberta only], but there are other options such as Chit Chats for those in British Columbia and Ontario.)

Lastly, you will need a US-based banking service. For that, I personally use Transferwise.com(My referral link)

I also make YouTube videos on how I sell on Poshmark residing in Canada if you’d like to take a look: Jody Mitoma’s Videos