Who Pays for Shipping on Poshmark?

Who Pays for Shipping on Poshmark?

When something is purchased off of Poshmark, in most cases the buyer is the one responsible for paying for the shipping costs.

With Poshmark – thanks to their collaboration with USPS – no matter how many items you’ve Bundled from a single seller’s Closet, you will only pay $6.79 shipping.

If a seller sends out an offer to likers, they are required to provide a shipping discount on top of their discounted offer to every user that liked the item. There are other cases where shipping discounts can be sent out. Sellers are provided with two discounted shipping options to provide to their potential buyers. One of those options cuts the shipping cost for buyers by $1.80 (meaning buyer pays $4.99 shipping instead of $6.79), and the second option provides the buyer with free shipping (meaning the seller is paying the full $6.79 shipping – which is deducted from your total earnings if item sells).

February 2020 update: Poshmark US shipping costs have risen to $7.11 to stay in line with the annual price rise over at USPS. In turn, the discount on shipping is now $2.12 this year, rather than the $1.80 it was in 2019.

Poshmark Canada’s shipping cost is CAD$12.99 up to 2.5kg.