Most Popular Color Names, Visualized

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Poshmark gives sellers the option of choosing one or two colors for every piece of inventory they put into their closet. Color selection however, is limited to only fifteen choices. Because of this, many of us have grown accustomed to putting the actual color names – like violet or magenta rather than just purple – in the title and/or description of our items so that they show up in the feeds of anyone searching for that specific color.

I’ve compiled a list of the most popular and well-known colors and shades, got a splotch for you to compare each color name with, and organized it all into an easy-to-use easy-on-the-eyes infographic. There are a total of 220 colors and shades, all with their corresponding names provided. Compare your inventory with the splotches below, and try to use the true color names in your listings to reach even more potential buyers!

Why is this important? If someone searches for ‘magenta sweater’, and you have one in your closet but didn’t put ‘magenta’ in your title or description, then you’ve just lost a potential sale. It really is that simple. Search engine optimization is vitally important to getting quicker sales because it opens the door to more people seeing your listing through search.

Pinch to zoom in if you’re using a smartphone or tablet.

Color Names for Poshmark Sellers