How to Sell on Poshmark Living in Canada

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Are you Canadian wanting to use Poshmark to buy or sell clothing and accessories? Trust me, you’re not alone. I live in Edmonton, Canada, and have been reselling on Poshmark since October 2018. I’ve made just shy of USD$10,000 (~CAD$13,300) in my first six months on the platform, and its only been getting better each and every month.

I can help you get started on the platform by using FREE 3rd party delivery and banking services available to many of us Canadians (depending on where in the country you live).

Poshmark is currently only available within the United States, however at PoshFest 2018 (which was on October 12 and 13, 2018), Manish Chandra; the CEO and one of the founders of Poshmark, announced that Canada is the next country they will be entering. A specific time-frame however, was not given, but speculation has it that it’ll be sometime in 2019.

If you don’t have time to wait for an undisclosed date before being able to sell on Poshmark, and you don’t mind using a couple of third-party services, then let’s just get started!

I’ll eventually write up a detailed tutorial, but for now, here’s a video I did several weeks back that should get you well on your way:

CAN’T DOWNLOAD THE POSHMARK APP? If you are unable to download the Poshmark app on your iOS or Android smartphone due to not residing in the United States, simply download the free TunnelBear app and set it to United States. Done and done!

I will be releasing a second, more detailed video in the coming days. Feel free to leave a comment on the video above if you need any additional help.