Frequently Used Acronyms (Abbreviations) on Poshmark and in the Clothing Reselling World

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There are an absolute abundance of acronyms in the clothing reselling world, so I’ve compiled a list of as many of the most widely known and frequently used 2-4 letter short forms here for you to memorize and glance back at, and included a short description of how each one could be used on Poshmark in particular as well.

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Buy One, Get One (Free)

  • This could typically be seen if someone were running a sale on some or all of their Poshmark closet items.


BOn (The) LookOut

  • You would see this being used by resellers when informing other resellers to keep an eye out for a certain brand or item to resell on platforms such as Poshmark.


New With Tags / Brand New With Tags

  • Could be seen on Poshmark items that are brand new with the original retail tags still attached.


New WithOut Tags

  • Will be seen on a lot of Poshmark items that are new (or at least claim to be), but no longer have the original retail tags attached.


New IBox / New IPackaging

  • Would be seen on shoe listings or even glasses listings, when the original company branded box is still with the main product being sold.


New WithOut Box

  • Could be seen on listings of shoes where the original company branded box has since been discarded (or is not available for sale), but the shoes have never been worn and are still in mint condition.


Excellent Used Condition

  • This one is often used when a piece of clothing is not quite brand new, however does not show a single sign of wear or damage.


Great/Good Used Condition

  • This term, although not entirely clear on whether the user means “Good” or “Great”, is used when something does not look or function brand new, and has some sort of minimal wear.


Smoke Free / Pet Free (Home)

  • Not used as often as many of the others, but you could potentially see this acronym on any listing in a closet that has its inventory stored in smoke-and-pet-free home.


True TSize

  • You would find this on items that the seller feels fits exactly as advertised. In other words, not a loose fit, nor a fitted fit.


Posted OOther Sites

  • Could be seen if a Poshmark seller feels the need to inform possible buyers that their listings are being seen by more than just Poshmark users, but potentially on other sites such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Depop, Vinted or Etsy.


One OA Kind

  • May be seen in the description of a Poshmark listing where the buyer feels that they have an item that is extremely rare in terms of quantity manufactured, or the item itself was home/hand made and there is quite literally only one of its kind on the entire planet.


Hard TFind

  • Would be used by a Poshmark seller when they feel what they have for sell is hard to find elsewhere.


Certificate OAuthenticity

  • Would be used in the event that a Poshmark seller has the original certificate(s) of authenticity of any of their more expensive (luxury) items.


Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price

  • This is the selling price that the company/brand suggests its retail partners sell the particular item at. (It is not always the price that these items sell for in stores however.)


Retail Arbitrage & Online Arbitrage

  • These acronyms could be seen when a Poshmark reseller is talking about places to find very cheap clearance or discounted clothing and accessories.



  • This term should be used when a piece is at least 20 years old, however it is more often used by Poshmark sellers when a piece is 10 years or older.

Congrats, you’ve reached the end of the list. Phew! I hope you learned a thing or two.

If you feel like there’s any popular reselling acronyms that I’ve left out, I’d love to hear from you! Please let me know by filling out my contact form. Thank you!