Poshmark Affiliate Program Allows Some Poshmark Ambassadors to Take Part in Paid Campaigns

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Poshmark Ambassadors were never shown any appreciation for being the best sellers with consistent high ratings and fast shipping rates, but that has now changed with the all-new Posh Affiliate Program.

The company has released a new update to their website and smartphone app that allows some Poshmark Ambassadors to join a new Paid Campaigns Program, where they would then have the opportunity to take part in paid campaigns predetermined by Poshmark.

Here’s how the Poshmark Affiliates Program works in a nutshell: Poshmark will pay you a certain dollar amount – up to a maximum of $10 in the case of this Instagram Campaign shown here – to share a specific link and/or photo to another social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, based on the number of people that actually click on your personal affiliate link. Something to keep in mind however, is that they can pay you as low as $0.05 if the click-through rate is horrendous, or next-to-nothing. It is unclear exactly how many people have to click through for you to get the maximum $10 amount at this time, since this is such a new program, but I’m sure we’ll learn soon enough. There are a ton of Poshmark sellers that have other social media accounts with tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of followers already built up. Surely if one of them shared their affiliate link, they would be paid that maximum $10, right? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Update #1: I just learned through a video released by Sydney Elle (Very helpful Poshmark YouTuber) that you are only able to participate in one campaign every 90 days, according to Poshmark, so this is in no way an easy way to make a ton of side income. Thank you for the video, Sydney!

End update #1.

Update #2: While catching up on the latest video from The Thrifty Flamingo (Also a very helpful Poshmark YouTuber couple), I learned that there is a campaign available to some Poshmark Ambassadors that will pay up to $200 for creating a YouTube video based on Poshmark’s standards. Depending on how many followers, views and engagement, Poshmark will pay out accordingly. This is a far-cry from the $10 maximum that they offered to others. Thank you for the video, The Thrifty Flamingo!

End update #2.

It is just entirely speculation at this point, but I am to assume that the maximum earning potential may rise and drop for future Campaigns depending on what is being asked by Poshmark, and just how many loyal followers you reach.

Getting into it even further, Reddit user moreshoesplz explains it best:

Today Poshmark started inviting Posh Ambassadors to take part in their new Affiliate Program.

They will hold different (marketing) campaigns that you can choose to take part in. The current one is asking you to essentially create an ad in your Instagram account.

They have a long list of requirements that you must follow in order to get paid (no flatlays, no carousel pics, must use their hashtags).

For this campaign in particular, they are rewarding users up to $10 depending on how much reach and engagement and website traffic they can track coming from your ad’s link.

IG accounts with a big following (thousand of users) have a higher chance of getting paid $10 while those that have a private account for just close friends and family will get paid next to nothing.

There are many on social media that seem to be worried that this will cause an influx of people sharing their listings on places such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, thus becoming very annoying quite quickly. Honestly, I’m hoping that this does not become the case, and that depends entirely on what Poshmark asks its sellers to do through it’s future Campaigns. At the time of this writing, users are only able to participate in one campaign every 90 days, which was an excellent choice on Poshmark’s end. This will prevent anyone from being too cumbersome with their campaigns.

It is not entirely clear just how many Poshmark Ambassadors there are at the moment, however I feel that a very safe assumption on my part would be that less than 10% of people who’ve actually sold something on the platform at least once, have become Poshmark Ambassadors. It’s probably even safe to say it’s less than 5% of all sellers, and less than 1% of all Poshmark users (which includes buyers that do not sell).

For those unaware, to become a Poshmark Ambassador you need to share your own closet listings at least 5,000 times, share other people’s closet listings at least 5,000 times, share at least 50 new Poshers, have at least 50 available listings, sell at least 15 items, keep a rating of 4.5 or more stars, keep an average shipping time of 3 days or less, and leave 1 Love Note for another seller (which requires you to purchase something and be pleased with the item received).

It’s possible that these Campaigns will be available to non-Ambassadors in the future, but for the time being, that is not the case. We’ll just have to wait and see what other secret updates Poshmark has in store for us over the next year as it expands ever so quickly.

This is a nice added feature to make a potential few quick bucks for doing nearly no work at all, and of course, the best part is, it’ll bring a whole slew of new people onto the platform.