YouTube Influencer & Poshmark Seller Solange Mina Talks About Unusual App Permissions

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I never personally looked into what app permissions were required when a Poshmark user attempts to connect a social media account with their Poshmark account, because I’ve never actually used the feature. Today we’ll learn about the app permissions that are required to connect your Poshmark account with some of your other social accounts.

If you’re interested in connecting one of your other social media accounts with Poshmark (make sure to finish this article first), you can do so by going to the Poshmark ‘Share Settings’ screen, found within the ‘Account Settings’ screen. There, you will see that you are able to connect your account with Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

If you’d rather just watch Solange Mina’s ten minute video, I’ll make it easy for you to do so:

2:33 into the video, Solange shows a screenshot of the Poshmark app permissions required to connect with a new Pinterest account. It requires the ability to ‘Access your public info’, ‘Create boards or save Pins for you’, and ‘Access your follows and followers’. Why this is required, is not known at this time.

3:11 in, Solange shows a screenshot of Poshmark app permissions required to connect with a new Twitter account. That requires you to allow Poshmark to ‘Read Tweets from your timeline’, ‘See who you follow, and follow new people’, ‘Update your profile’, ‘Post Tweets for you’, and ‘Access your direct messages’.

She goes on to explain that there should be no reason for any company to have access to anyone’s social media account’s direct/private messages. I tend to agree. We are unsure as to why this is required to connect a Twitter account with Poshmark, but here’s to hoping we can either get an answer out of these requirements, or, changes are made on the app permissions required.

She then goes on to question why connecting your YouTube channel with Poshmark is even an option; explaining that there’s no way to share a Poshmark listing to YouTube. I do know that YouTube did recently allow for users to post public messages very recently, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to share a link either. Maybe Poshmark can chime in on this one for us.

For anyone that hasn’t heard of Solange Mina’s wonderful existence, I do suggest checking her out if you’re a serious seller on the Poshmark platform. I do not know her personally, but I’ve learned a heck of a lot by watching her videos. She has nearly 20,000 subscribers, making her one of the most-followed Poshmark Influencers on the entire YouTube platform. She’s also on Instagram, and you can follow her right here.

Thanks for keeping us informed, Solange!