Poshmark Campaigns Pay its Ambassadors $10 to Take Part in a Paid Instagram Post with as Little as 100 Followers

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On March 1st, 2019, I wrote an article about Poshmark’s Campaigns (Paid Affiliates) Program only available to those with Poshmark Ambassador status on the platform. In that article, you will notice that it was unclear whether the very first Instagram Campaign made available – which stated a “maximum payout of $10” – was actually going to payout $10 to everyone, or if it was just a set maximum, with the possibility of making less; depending on how many followers you had or engagement that your post received.

Today I am learning from multiple sources, that Poshmark did not end up paying anyone less than that $10 for their first Instagram Campaign. Everyone that has taken part in the campaign and has been paid, has informed the public that they were indeed paid out the full $10, and nothing less. If someone has been paid less, they have not made that clear on social media at this time. If you were paid less, please let us know in the comments below.

The most interesting part of this is, these Poshmark Ambassadors either didn’t have a Poshmark-specific Instagram account prior to these Poshmark Campaigns, or did, but with less than 350 followers.

One reddit user stated,

Yep, I just started my account I only had 100 followers and was still given my $10 literally the day after I posted it!

Another user went on to say,

Same, like 240 followers and the easiest $10 I’ve ever made.

It is quite possible that only the first Poshmark Campaign will be paying out the full maximum to everyone that took part in it, with future Campaigns having a fluctuating payout that relies entirely on the number of followers or engagement you have on a specific social media account.

For now we can only speculate, and future Poshmark Campaign results will show us exactly how they work. I will keep you informed here, so go ahead and sign up to our news push notifications (the red bell at the bottom-right).

Some say that if they were to start getting paid as little as a dollar or two per campaign because of their low follow count or low engagement rates, they will more than likely discontinue taking part in the ‘My Campaigns’ agreement with Poshmark.

If Poshmark were to continue paying out $10 for a single post on other social media platforms, despite having 100 or less followers, then this can certainly be a lucrative thing to take advantage of. Keep in mind however, that you are only able to participate in one Poshmark Campaign per 90-day period. This prevents you from making a ton of money off of Poshmark Campaigns, however, it too, prevents other social media platforms from being plastered with Poshmark-related posts.