Poshmark Released a New Posh Market, But it’s Strictly for Prom Dresses

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On July 24th, 2018 – less than eight months ago – Poshmark proudly introduced ‘Posh Markets’. It began with 6 very generic ‘Markets’. They were ‘Women’, ‘Men’, ‘Kids’, ‘Plus’, ‘Boutiques’ and ‘Luxury’.

Fast-forward to today, and we’re now presented with 13 Markets when opening that same Posh Markets tab.

This means that there were 7 additional Markets added in just over seven months.

The new markets that have been added since the first six are, ‘Wholesale’, ‘Gifts’, ‘Makeup’, ‘Activewear Women’, ‘Activewear Men’, and ‘Activewear Kids’.

Of course, that only equates to 12 Markets, and as previously mentioned, there are now 13.

Yesterday; March 5th, 2019, Poshmark ended up silently releasing a new Market to the mix. As the title of this article reads, the new Market was ‘Prom Dresses’.

Now, take a minute to compare the twelve markets that were released prior to yesterday, then look at yesterday’s newest addition. It’s not a fit, and I’m not entirely sure why the Poshmark team chose this as their newest Market.

Poshmark, if you’re listening: Please give us Markets that would actually make sense to have. Things that don’t have a category or sub-category of their own; or can have one added easily. Things like ‘Vintage’, or ‘Petites’, or ‘Maternity’, or, ‘Evening’, or ‘Formal’ or, ‘Holidays’ (with the option to narrow down to specific holidays). These are the kinds of Markets that can really make it easier to narrow things down.

Not only did a Market made specifically for prom dresses completely rid the possibility of any other multitude of dresses being visible in that Market (which as we all know, is not a Market in itself, yet), but the company narrowed this new Market down so much, that it somehow even decided against a much more broad possible audience (which could have included males) by simply making it a ‘Prom’ Market. Myself, along with many others across social media, feel that crating a Market strictly for prom dresses was simply too narrow of a selection.

Here’s to hoping that this new Market doesn’t bring an influx of return requests on the platform once prom day has passed. Many resellers know that one-time-use clothing items such as prom dresses and wedding dresses can easily pose a risk of having to deal with a higher-than-normal return rate on other selling platforms. Thankfully, Poshmark has terms put in place that do not allow returns unless a fair reason is provided by the seller.

It is uncertain how many Markets Poshmark intends on releasing on the platform, but at the rate of 13 Markets in just eight months – if things continue as is – we should be very close to 30 markets by this time next year. Now, at this point in time, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing.

What are your thoughts? Could Poshmark have too many Markets?