Poshmark Finally Releases Drafts Feature to All of its Users

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It finally happened. The long-awaited and much anticipated drafts feature has been pushed out to all Poshmark sellers and users across the platform.

Going back to a prior news release, you’ll see that the first time that the drafts feature was noticed on any Poshmark’s user interface was on December 6, 2018. We are now February 19, 2019, making the roll-out process a fairly lengthy one at 75 days (2.5 months).

This is a feature that a large number of Poshmark sellers have been waiting on since it was initially announcement in 2018. It is just one of the many highly requested Hackathon features at last year’s PoshFest event.

Drafts are useful for those wanting to get listings made in advance, for publishing throughout the coming days. Drafts are also useful for anyone wishing to use an assistant or helper to get listings started for them, to then later publish on their own at a later date. Of course, there are other ways to use the new feature as well. The choice is yours now that the option is there for everyone.

Something that may be a bit of an issue to some however, is that you must have a covershot added to the listing before being able to save it as a draft. I don’t know why that is, but hopefully this is something that can and will be changed in future updates. For the time being, if you don’t have the exact photo required to be the covershot, you can simply use any other filler photo just to allow you to save the draft and update later.

To use the ‘My Drafts’ feature, simply go into the ‘Sell Tab’ and choose a covershot at minimum. Add whatever details you wish, then tap ‘Cancel’. (Yes, this is a bit strange.) Once you’ve hit ‘Cancel’, you’ll see the option to ‘Save Draft’. Tap that. To access your drafts, go to the ‘Sell Tab’, then select ‘Drafts’.

I am also learning that there is a limit to how many you may have, and that limit is an unreasonably low 15 drafts at one time. Hopefully this gets bumped up in future updates.

Now here’s to hoping that Poshmark is officially released in Canada sooner rather than later, as this is something many people – including myself – have been anticipating since it was announced last year!


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  1. […] Please keep in mind that this will more than likely be a slow roll out, just like the ‘My Drafts’ feature that was finally released to all Poshmark users just yesterday! […]

  2. Hillary says:

    Thank you for this post! I was so excited to finally see the “Drafts” feature available. I decided to try it out, but then I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t see the “Save Draft” option! So happy that I subscribe to the Poshmark subreddit where I found the link to your blog and my answer (because why wouldn’t you know to hit “cancel” first??!!! HA!).

    • Jody Mitoma says:

      That is so awesome. So glad that this was useful to you, Hillary!! 🙂 That subreddit has been absolutely amazing for the few months that I’ve been following it! 🙂 It’s weird to have to hit back/cancel, hey? They should really look into changing that up a bit.

  3. […] Feb. 19, 2019 Update: Poshmark has since released My Drafts to all of its users. […]

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