Poshmark Silently Updates News Centre, Some Users Can Now Sort Notifications Using 9 Filters

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Looks like Poshmark is at it again with its silent releases, this time being a brand new news/notifications centre, now boasting the ability to sort all of your notifications using a total of nine different filters. Awesome!

The prior News centre update was one that many did not approve of. The spacing between notifications was wider, causing unnecessary additional scrolling. The icons for individual notifications weren’t as easy to spot while scrolling through your News. In fact, I didn’t come across anyone that was pleased with the latest update (before this one), which is quite a shame. But that’s okay, because it looks like that prior update may have been a short-lived one.

The new, up-and-coming update, which was first noticed and shared by one user on social media just hours ago, completely revamps Poshmark’s News centre, at least on mobile. (We are unsure if things have changed on desktop at this time.)

So what’s different exactly? — Well, instead of only being able to choose between “All”, “Comments”, and “Offers”, you are now able to choose between “All”, “Offers”, “Comments”, “Likes”, “Bundles”, “Shares”, “Follows”, “Orders”, and “Account” as seen here!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wanting this since I started reselling clothing on Poshmark – and that’s only been since October 2018! I can only imagine how frustrating this News centre has been for users that have been selling on the platform for years.

Please keep in mind that this will more than likely be a slow roll out, just like the ‘My Drafts’ feature that was finally released to all Poshmark users just yesterday!

I’ll be honest, it’s quite interesting to see just how quickly this new News centre update has become available to some users, immediately after the full roll out of ‘My Drafts’ less than 24 hours prior.

Those fully unaware, Poshmark is actually actively looking for over 40 individuals to help transform the company over the coming months and years. Expect many more updates to come over the next 1-2 years as the company continues to grow at remarkable speed.

I for one am absolutely thrilled to learn of this new upcoming update. Keep in mind that just because one Poshmark user has the ability or options to do certain things, does not necessarily mean that you will have those same options available to you. This is what a slow roll out is. The company is testing the waters before releasing the feature to all of its users across all platforms. It’s the smart way of doing things. Although I must say, I do hope that this roll out isn’t as slow as their My Drafts roll out, which ended up taking 75 full days from the first time someone noticed the feature, to the final roll out to all Poshmark users.

Question: Do you have the new Poshmark News centre layout yet? I just checked for an update in the Play Store on my phone but do not have one available for download at this time.


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