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Hey there! The name’s Jody Mitoma. I live in Canada and resell on Poshmark full-time. I want to show you how I made this all happen in just 3 months.

For those of you who don’t yet know me, I’m a 32 year old guy residing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and I sell full-time on Poshmark by using third party banking and delivery services that I am thankful to have available to me in this beautiful city.

I make Poshmark-related YouTube videos, share my clothing reselling journey on Instagram, and write about the latest Poshmark news on this Poshmark-related website created with your very best interests in mind! I am now making ~$1,000 per week selling on Poshmark and it’s all thanks to other resellers who have come to social media and shared their newfound knowledge with all of us time and time and time again.

This website is my thanks to each and every one of you. I plan on making it the most helpful Poshmark website out there. Please feel free to browse around – there’s an abundance of information available! Thank you so much for stopping by. — Jody Mitoma, March 2019

My Poshmark YouTube Channel

I’ve recently started sharing my Poshmark reselling journey on YouTube, whilst at the same time, share with you tips, tricks and knowledge on how to become the best Poshmark reseller that you can be. I’d love if you checked out my channel and subscribed!

How to Sell on Poshmark in the United States & Canada Simultaneously • Creating Second Account

Hey, thanks for popping in. I appreciate your time and hope that this video teaches you a thing or two on how to resell clothing, accessories & home decor on Poshmark to those living in the United States, AND those residing in Canada.

This process requires you to make a second Poshmark account, as you can only sell to the country that your account is set to. Because of this, I was forced to create a second Poshmark account (which I was informed to do via Poshmark through e-mail for this exact case).

POSHMARK Slithers Out of Fashion-Only and Announces HOME DECOR Department!

Some breaking news came in yesterday! Poshmark announced that they will be adding a HOME DECOR department to their list if categories available to buy and sell on the platform.

This is the first time that the company has announced anything outside of fashion since its inception in 2011, where it first started off as a women’s-only platform. Things sure have changed since.

Latest POSHMARK CANADA Beta Launch Details • It’s Coming “Very, Very” Soon!

I’m excited to announce that the POSHMARK CANADA beta will be launching any day now! My fellow Canadians, I’m excited for you all to get in on this. Watch and learn everything that’s been released so far. More updates to come!

By the way, this video is helpful for both Canadians and Americans alike, as there’s some information that we all need to know about.


There are a lot of questions when it comes to what Poshmark is and how it works (for buyers and sellers), so I’m here to help educate the masses and keep things organized in this one seriously helpful page.

As a seller on Poshmark, I know that things can be a little confusing for newcomers of the first social-embedded buying and selling platform.

 Here are a total of 50 Poshmark-related FAQs for your learning pleasure! THESE ARE THE FAQs

Here’s What Else We Have to Offer:

There will be additional sections added throughout the weeks to come, so be sure to check back soon.


The average human eye can see millions & millions of colors, however there are only 15 available to select from on Poshmark. Because of this, reverting to putting color names in titles and descriptions really helps others find your magenta sweater.



Let’s get into the details about the materials used in clothing. Learn the difference between velvet, velour, fleece and suede. If you’re not confident you know everything about clothing materials, you may stand to learn a thing or two here.



There are an absolute abundance of acronyms in the clothing reselling world, so I’ve compiled a list of as many of the most widely known and frequently used 2-4 letter short forms here for you to memorize and glance back at, and included a short description of how each one could be used on Poshmark in particular as well.



For those of you that are unaware, I reside in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and have been selling on Poshmark since late October, 2018. I am now making over USD$1,000/week on Poshmark as of March 2019, and if you’re a fellow Canadian, I can show you how to get started right now!