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Poshmark Campaigns Pay its Ambassadors $10 to Take Part in a Paid Instagram Post with as Little as 100 Followers

On March 1st, 2019, I wrote an article about Poshmark’s Campaigns (Paid Affiliates) Program only available to those with Poshmark Ambassador status on the platform. In that article, you will notice that it was unclear whether the very first Instagram Campaign made available – which stated a “maximum payout of $10” – was actually going…
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Poshmark Released a New Posh Market, But it’s Strictly for Prom Dresses

On July 24th, 2018 – less than eight months ago – Poshmark proudly introduced ‘Posh Markets’. It began with 6 very generic ‘Markets’. They were ‘Women’, ‘Men’, ‘Kids’, ‘Plus’, ‘Boutiques’ and ‘Luxury’. Fast-forward to today, and we’re now presented with 13 Markets when opening that same Posh Markets tab. This means that there were 7…
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YouTube Influencer & Poshmark Seller Solange Mina Talks About Unusual App Permissions

I never personally looked into what app permissions were required when a Poshmark user attempts to connect a social media account with their Poshmark account, because I’ve never actually used the feature. Today we’ll learn about the app permissions that are required to connect your Poshmark account with some of your other social accounts. If…
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Poshmark Affiliate Program Allows Some Poshmark Ambassadors to Take Part in Paid Campaigns

Poshmark Ambassadors were never shown any appreciation for being the best sellers with consistent high ratings and fast shipping rates, but that has now changed with the all-new Posh Affiliate Program. The company has released a new update to their website and smartphone app that allows some Poshmark Ambassadors to join a new Paid Campaigns…
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Poshmark Silently Updates News Centre, Some Users Can Now Sort Notifications Using 9 Filters

Looks like Poshmark is at it again with its silent releases, this time being a brand new news/notifications centre, now boasting the ability to sort all of your notifications using a total of nine different filters. Awesome! The prior News centre update was one that many did not approve of. The spacing between notifications was…
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Poshmark Finally Releases Drafts Feature to All of its Users

It finally happened. The long-awaited and much anticipated drafts feature has been pushed out to all Poshmark sellers and users across the platform. Going back to a prior news release, you’ll see that the first time that the drafts feature was noticed on any Poshmark’s user interface was on December 6, 2018. We are now…
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Poshmark Silently Releases Highly Anticipated ‘Save as Draft’ Feature to Some Users

Poshmark released the highly anticipated drafts feature for some of its sellers as early as December 6, 2018. There was no public announcement or article written about the update however, which is out of the ordinary. Feb. 19, 2019 Update: Poshmark has since released My Drafts to all of its users Poshmark sellers have been…
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