50 Poshmark Frequently Asked Questions

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Poshmark FAQs. There are a lot of questions when it comes to what Poshmark is and how it works (for buyers and sellers), so I’m here to help educate the masses and keep things organized in this one seriously helpful page.

As a seller on Poshmark, I know that things can be a little confusing for newcomers of the first social-embedded buying and selling platform.

Here are a total of 50 Poshmark-related FAQs for your learning pleasure!

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FAQs for Poshmark

Is Poshmark Legit?

The answer is quite simply, yes. Poshmark is without certainty, a legitimate nine year old company (2011-2020). It may have its platform and seller issues, but that’s no different from any other selling platform out there. There may be some scammers on the platform, but the absolute mass majority of sellers are legitimate, punctual, fair and kind. The reason this FAQ is here is because this exact question is actually coming up on Google’s current trends.

How Can I Get in Contact with Poshmark Support?

If you need to get in contact with Poshmark in regard to a tracking or delivery problem, a return issue, a payment issue, a problem with an existing order, your seller earnings, your Poshmark account, or any other general questions, your best bet would be to fill out this form, which will send Poshmark an e-mail, which they say will be replied to within 1-2 business days.

At the moment (March 2, 2019), Poshmark does not have a support phone number available.

The Poshmark Headquarters is located at 203 Redwood Shores Pkwy, 8th Floor, Redwood City, California, 94065.

February 2020 update: Although it is one of Poshmark user’s most requested features, Poshmark has yet to provide us with a support phone number.

How Do I Delete My Poshmark Account?

If you’re truly interested in deleting your Poshmark account, no matter the reason, you can do so by simply going here.

Don’t worry, taping on that link won’t immediately delete your account. You have to first hit the “Delete my account” button on that page, then confirm again before anything actually happens.

What Are Poshmark’s Shipping Costs?

As of now, February 2020, Poshmark’s flat-rate shipping fee is $7.11 per package. This is what the buyer pays when purchasing an item from a seller’s Closet.

If a buyer bundles multiple items from a single seller’s Closet, they will only have to pay the $7.11 shipping fee once. (This is with no added cost to the buyer, until the weight of the package exceeds 5 pounds).

If a seller sends an offer to likers on an item that you happen to like, you will get a discounted price on that item of at least 10%, with an added shipping discount of either $2.12 off (so buyer pays $4.99), or you will receive free shipping (so the full $7.11 comes straight from the buyer’s potential income on your purchase).

If you’re a buyer, keep in mind that asking for free shipping on a listing that is up for say, $10, leaves that buyer with a total net of $0.26 on that item; and that’s not including their cost of goods. (Remember, Poshmark takes ~20% of all sales that are $15 or higher.)

Poshmark’s PoshPost shipping costs were $6.79 in 2019, $6.49 in 2018, $5.95 in 2017, and $4.95 prior to that, but with prices of USPS going up, so too are the prices of those services relying solely on the company.

How Can I Trade on Poshmark?

Although it is not against Poshmark’s terms of service or rules to trade on the platform, it is something you should always be wary about unless you know the person you’re trading with personally.

To trade on Poshmark, both parties who’ve agreed to trade will lower the items in question to the lowest allowed selling price of $3. Both parties would then buy one another’s items and pay the shipping on top, which brings the total to $9.79. So although you’ve agreed to trade with someone on Poshmark, because there is no actual feature that allows this to happen, you are stuck paying almost $10 to get the trade completed. The other party is also paying almost $10.

If you’d rather buy an item that you saw on Poshmark off of the platform, you are reminded that this is entirely against the Poshmark rules, and you may be punished for attempting to get a seller to do so for you, so do not even ask in the comments.

How Does Poshmark Compare to eBay? (eBay vs Poshmark)

Well, they’re alike in many ways, but so different in many others. The two platforms are generally reselling websites. They both allow you to sell new and used clothing and accessories. eBay allows much more, but Poshmark is focused strictly to fashion.

The next major difference between the two selling platforms is that eBay is available globally, whereas for the time being (as of March 2, 2019), Poshmark is only available to those residing in the United States.

When it comes to sellers, Poshmark is a far easier and quicker experience when listing something new.

Poshmark does not require sellers to weigh their items (unless they feel it’s nearing or above 5 pounds), where-as eBay requires exact weight of every item being shipped out, so that correct postage is being paid. Poshmark and USPS have come together to create PoshPost, which provides sellers on the app with pre-paid instant USPS postage the moment a buyer pays for an item from your closet.

Poshmark is better in many ways, and eBay is lacking behind in many ways, but eBay has a much, much higher reach, whereas Poshmark is just recently stepping out of its company’s infancy years.

There are many other things that set the two platforms apart, but this is a fair start.

How Can I Make Money on Poshmark?

You can make a pretty penny on Poshmark through selling your personal clothing and accessories. Once you’ve run out of things that no longer ‘spark joy’, you can then move on to sourcing more inventory at thrift stores, through friends and family, and/or online.

The more items you have in your Poshmark closet, the more potential you have to make higher income. You have to keep in mind to only buy items that people are already buying online, and buy them at as low of a cost as you possibly can. Do this repeatedly, and you’ll be surprised as to how fast you can start making a decent income straight from Poshmark.

Is There an Official Poshmark Blog?

Having a quick browse through their most recent postings, they tend to write a new blog post about once per week.

They write about event recaps, some new market releases, business news, new app features, and much more.

Having a quick browse through their most recent postings, they tend to write a new blog post about once per week. They write about event recaps, some new market releases, business news, new app features, and much more.

Here are just some of the available openings as of February 2020:

Analyst, Analytics Platform – Redwood City, CA
Senior Strategic Business Analyst – Redwood City, CA

Operations Associate, Posh Authenticate – San Carlos/Newark, CA

Associate Community Manager, PMHQ – Redwood City, CA
Associate Community Manager, Remote – Redwood City, CA
Community Associate, Core Support (Email) – Chennai, India
Community Associate – Dispute Management – Redwood City, CA
Event Coordinator – Redwood City, CA
Team Lead, PMHQ – Redwood City, CA
Team Lead, Remote – Redwood City, CA

Growth Marketing Manager – Redwood City, CA

Chief of Staff – Redwood City, CA
Marketing Associate – Redwood City, CA
PR Manager, Men’s – Redwood City, CA
Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager – Redwood City, CA

Marketplace Operations Associate – Escalations – Redwood City, CA
Marketplace Operations Associate – Integrity – Redwood City, CA
Marketplace Operations Associate – Payments – Redwood City, CA
Senior Manager of Global Shipping Partnerships – Redwood City, CA

Are There a Lot of Poshmark Scams/Scammers?

No, there really aren’t. There will always be your bad apple, no matter the platform you decide to sell on. Poshmark has its bad apples, but they make up an extremely small chunk of the millions of excellent sellers that make up the platform. If you’re interested in a higher-end product that is listed on Poshmark, do your research on authenticating it through the photographs provided before purchasing it. If not enough angles are provided, simply ask for more.

If you’re uncomfortable with a certain seller/product, then it’s probably safer to just stay away and stick with proven 5-star Poshmark Ambassadors instead. If you’re stressed about buying on Poshmark, your best bet is to stick with Poshmark Ambassador Closets. This way, you are extremely likely to have a positive buying experience due to their status within the platform.

What are Poshmark Parties?

Poshmark Parties are pre-planned online social parties set out by Poshmark at specific hourly columns throughout the day, every single day.

There are usually three parties per day, one starting at 1pm, the next starting at 5pm, and the last one beginning at 8pm (MST).

The Poshmark parties are 2-hour online events that happen on the Poshmark platform, where you are able to share the closet listings that correspond with the party’s set out rules, to the hundreds of thousands of people that view through these party listings (which are available far after the 2-hour event has passed).

Most of the parties are very limited in what you can share, because parties are designed to focus on specific categories (Athleticwear only, Petites only, Shoes only, etc.).

Tip: If you can only attend one party per day, the best one to attend will always be the evening party (which begins at 8pm MST), because it almost always allows you to share your entire closet, and it is the party that has the most activity.

Heads up! You can only actually share each individual listing to a party once. If you attempt to share a listing to the same party a second time, it will act as if it worked (without error), however will not show up at the top of the party feed. It will however re-share that listing to the top of the search feeds. This has all been confirmed by Poshmark staff.

What is a Poshmark Thank You Note/Card?

Thank You Notes are simply hand-written or ink-printed graphic designed cards that are created and delightfully added to Poshmark packages to give buyers an added sense of comfort, warmth or joy. They can include links to your Poshmark Closet and other social media accounts, a cute and quick thank you, or maybe even a way to remind your buyer to leave a rating. It’s a nice, nearly-free added touch to any Poshmark package.

What is Poshmark Authentication (Posh Authenticate)?

Posh Authenticate, as Poshmark calls it, is the program that the company has in place that makes sure that all products sold for $500 or more on Poshmark are authentic luxury items, and not fakes.

The authenticity process is completely free for anything sold for more than the prior-mentioned dollar amount. Instead of shipping the item directly to the customer, Poshmark provides an address to one of their authenticity offices, which is where the buyer will send the item. Poshmark will then receive the item, authenticate it, and delivery it on its way to the buyer if all is well. If the item doesn’t come back as verified authentic, the buyer will be refunded their money.

Any buyer that purchases an item on Poshmark for $500 or more gets automatic free shipping ($6.79 $7.11 as of Feb. 2020).

At this time, I am uncertain if Poshmark destroys the item if not authentic, or if they ship it back to the original seller.

How Do I Change My Poshmark Username?

The ability to change your Poshmark username is not yet an option (as of March 2, 2019). There is a possibility of this changing in the future, however.

For now, Poshmark asks that you contact their support team if you would like to request a username change. I am however uncertain of the success rate in doing so. It did work for me when I asked in early 2019.

What is a Poshmark Offer Chart?

This was a new one to me, but here it is for anyone else interested in learning. Poshmark Offer Charts are colorful image charts that have been making the rounds in some Poshmark seller Closets. They show dollar amounts going down the y-axis, and percentage off going through the x-axis.

What are Some Platforms Similar to Poshmark?

Platforms that provide similar clothing and accessory selling services to Poshmark (without the social and sharing aspects involved) include, but are not limited to, Etsy, Mercari, Depop, Vinted, Grailed, Heroine, Relovv, Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Craigslist, eBay and Amazon.

How Do You Delete Comments on Poshmark?

Poshmark users do not have the ability to delete other Poshmark user’s comments, nor their own comments – even if those comments are on your own item listing.

The only way you are currently able to do so is by ‘reporting’ the comment, or by contacting Poshmark support and asking them to do so on your behalf.

What are Poshmark Boutique Items?

Who Pays for Shipping on Poshmark?

What is a Poshmark Bundle?

How Do Poshmark Returns Work?

What is PoshPost? • What are the Overweight Shipping Costs?

What is PoshFest?

Who is the Founder & CEO of Poshmark?

Is Poshmark Safe and Secure?

When is Poshmark Coming to Canada?

Is Poshmark Going International?

What Countries is Poshmark Available in?

What are Poshmark Boutique Items?

Boutique items on Poshmark were purchased wholesale or directly from a distributor and are now being sold new with tags to the public for the very first time.

Who Pays for Shipping on Poshmark?

When something is purchased off of Poshmark, in most cases the buyer is the one responsible for paying for the shipping costs.

With Poshmark – thanks to their collaboration with USPS – no matter how many items you’ve Bundled from a single seller’s Closet, you will only pay $6.79 shipping.

If a seller sends out an offer to likers, they are required to provide a shipping discount on top of their discounted offer to every user that liked the item. There are other cases where shipping discounts can be sent out. Sellers are provided with two discounted shipping options to provide to their potential buyers. One of those options cuts the shipping cost for buyers by $1.80 (meaning buyer pays $4.99 shipping instead of $6.79), and the second option provides the buyer with free shipping (meaning the seller is paying the full $6.79 shipping – which is deducted from your total earnings if item sells).

February 2020 update: Poshmark US shipping costs have risen to $7.11 to stay in line with the annual price rise over at USPS. In turn, the discount on shipping is now $2.12 this year, rather than the $1.80 it was in 2019.

Poshmark Canada’s shipping cost is CAD$12.99 up to 2.5kg.

What is a Poshmark Bundle?

A Bundle is what Poshmark calls it when multiple items are placed into a potential buyer’s shopping cart from a single Poshmark seller.

You’re able to browse a Poshmark seller’s entire closet, like and bundle items, and purchase multiple items from a single buyer for a single shipping cost of $6.79, rather than paying this fee per item purchased.

These bundles are also a great way for Poshmark sellers to provide potential buyers with added Closet discounts through their Seller’s Discount. This discount can range from an additional 5%-30% off of multi-item (2 to 7) bundles.

How Do Poshmark Returns Work?

As a buyer wanting to return an item you just received, you will need to choose to not accept the item, or if you already accepted the item, you’ll have to open up a return request through the Poshmark app. If the return request is approved by a Poshmark associate (which can take several days), you will then be provided with a return shipping label to print and ship back the item to the seller. If your return reason does not comply with Poshmark’s terms of use, your return will not be accepted, which you can then attempt to resell the item on the Poshmark app if you so choose. Proof photographs must be provided for all return requests.

As a seller dealing with a return, the seller’s funds will be refunded back to them and removed from your pending monies. You should be receiving your item within a week of the return being approved. Returns are not accepted for fit issues and many other issues. If you do not hide any damage or false advertise in your listing, in most cases returns are denied by Poshmark staff.

What is PoshPost? • What are the Overweight Shipping Costs?

PoshPost is what Poshmark calls their postal collaboration efforts with the USPS (United States Postal Service). This is especially convenient for sellers on the platform for several reasons.

First reason being, sellers do not have to weigh their items. This saves a ton of time over the long run. Anything under 5 pounds does not require weighing, which is over 99% of sales made on the platform.

Secondly, Poshmark is able to provide pre-paid USPS shipping labels the moment an item is purchased by a buyer.

Considering what we’re stuck with on other reselling platforms such as eBay, sellers and buyers who take advantage of the Bundle feature are very lucky to have PoshPost on Poshmark.

What is PoshFest?

Poshmark has been having its PoshFest events since 2013, marking the 2019 event as the company’s seventh consecutive annual event.

Straight from the horses mouth,

PoshFest is Poshmark’s annual two-day fashion conference for anyone interested in getting inspired, connecting with fellow business-savvy style mavens, and learning how to grow a business and be your own boss straight from the pros themselves. The conference brings together hundreds of people from across the country to network with one another, listen to industry experts and learn how to showcase and sell their style! At the event, attendees will hear Poshmark success stories, gain insider tips, meet their PFFs (Posh Friends Forever) and SO much more! — Poshmark, Inc.

Who is the Founder & CEO of Poshmark?

The CEO of Poshmark Inc. is Manish Chandra. He is also one of four founders of the company (others include Gautam Golwala, Tracy Sun and Chetan Pungaliya).

Chandra is 51 years of age (as of February 2020), and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

According to Chandra’s LinkedIn, he was a Software Engineer for Intel from 1989 to 1990, went on to work for Sybase Crop as a Software Architect, then became VP of Marketing at Versata Corp from 1995 to 2005, and CEO of Kaboodle from 2007 until October 2011. Poshmark was founded in February 2011.

With information from Chandra’s CrunchBase, we learn that Manish received a BTech from IIT Kanpur, MS from UT Austin, and an MBA from Haas School of Business.

Is Poshmark Safe and Secure?

Poshmark is absolutely safe and secure. You have no added worries when it comes to buying or selling on Poshmark in comparison to doing so on any other popular selling platform.

Poshmark may have its scammers, but they are so far and few between, it’s not something you should be worrying too much about. Just do your homework ahead of time on what you’re buying, and you’re all set.

When is Poshmark Coming to Canada?

The Poshmark Canada Beta was released to the public on the morning of May 29, 2019. You can sign up for your free account right now at poshmark.ca (thank you if you use code POSHERCLUBNORTH when signing up) and swap from US to Canadian listings in the newly-updated Poshmark app on iOS and Android devices. There is only one universal ‘Poshmark’ app (so don’t expect to find a ‘Poshmark Canada’ app).

Although Poshmark Canada is now available to Canadians, it is not possible to sell to Americans in the United States. Only Canadians to Canadians and Americans to Americans. Poshmark says they are in the midst of figuring out international shipping.

It is still possible to sell on Poshmark US if you reside in Canada, but you will need to have access to a US-based address to ship your items and receive items to.

You will also need a shipping service in your area that will take your packets into the United States on a daily basis so that you can use USPS to ship your products. Do not use Canada Post; it’s too expensive. (I personally use DYK Post [Alberta only], but there are other options such as Chit Chats for those in British Columbia and Ontario.)

Lastly, you will need a US-based banking service. For that, I personally use Transferwise.com(My referral link)

I also make YouTube videos on how I sell on Poshmark residing in Canada if you’d like to take a look: Jody Mitoma’s Videos

Is Poshmark Going International?

Absolutely it is. Exact dates and other details are entirely unknown outside of the Poshmark headquarter walls at this time (March 2, 2019), but it is definitely known that Poshmark Founder and CEO, Manish Chandra has plans to enter the Canadian market as its first country expansion, then hopes to expand further into European and Australian markets beyond that. The goal is to make Poshmark a global selling network, similar to that of eBay.

What Countries is Poshmark Available in?

Poshmark is currently only available within the United States of America (as of March 2, 2019), however there are plans currently in the works for Poshmark to be available to Canadians sometime in the very near future – quite possibly within the next few months.

Once Poshmark has penetrated the Canadian market, the company will without a doubt be entering new markets (countries) overseas, as Poshmark Founder Manish Chandra has stated at the 2018 PoshFest event.

How Do You Make an Offer on Poshmark?

To send in an offer on an item that you would like to purchase on Poshmark, simply head over to the item’s listing on the app or website, then click/tap on the large boxed blue button that reads “Send an Offer” situated close to the more bold “Buy Now” button.

How Do I Cancel an Offer on Poshmark as a Buyer?

To cancel an offer that you sent out accidentally, you have a couple of options.

First, let it be known that you have 4 hours to cancel a purchase on Poshmark without any issues from any parties involved.

Second, if you were to purchase (or send an offer on) something by mistake, you can simply ask the Poshmark seller to cancel the order on your behalf, or not approve the offer at all, but do it as quickly as possible because there are many sellers who are able and willing to ship same day.

Please be cautious when sending out and accepting offers on Poshmark. Return requests from buyers are not always approved by Poshmark.

How Do Poshmark Bundles Help Me as a Buyer?

Poshmark Bundles are helpful to buyers because they offer you huge savings on multi-item purchases from a single seller’s Poshmark Closet, with most sellers providing an added Seller’s Discount that works for their entire closet which provides an added 5%-30% off of Bundles of 2,3, 4, 5, 6 or 7+ items. The discount that is in place is entirely up to the seller.

Poshmark buyers pay $6.79 per order from a single person’s closet, no matter what. If you Bundle 10 items from a single seller’s Closet, you will only pay shipping once; rather than paying $67.90 for ten separate items.

On top of the shipping discounts, say the closet in question has a 25% discount off of 2 or more items, and you have interest in two $30 items from their closet. Rather than paying ($30 + $6.79 + $30 + $6.79 =) $73.58 for these two items, you will instead pay only $51.79. That’s an INSTANT savings of $21.79!

How Can I Save on Shipping as a Buyer?

As a buyer, of course you want to spend as little as possible when shopping. With Poshmark, there is a ‘Bundle’ feature that allows you to do just that if you were interested in purchasing two or more items from a single seller’s Poshmark Closet. With using the Bundle feature, you will save $6.79 per item that you purchase from that seller’s Closet.

An added bonus with Bundles is that most Poshmark sellers will have a Seller’s Discount setup inside their Closet that offers buyers who Bundle from their Closet an added discount of between 5% – 30% off of Bundles of 2 or more items.

If you were looking to get discounted shipping (buyer pays $5.00) or the full $6.79 shipping cost removed from your purchase price, just keep in mind that the buyer has to pay this discounted or full shipping cost.

What is Poshmark Pro Tools (and Poshmark Automation Bots)?

Poshmark Pro Tools is a browser extension bot that automates the sharing and following processes, amongst many other things.

It is a monthly paid subscription extension that is not allowed, according to Poshmark’s terms of use.

Posher Club discourages the use of any Poshmark automation tools.

How Can I Get More Followers on Poshmark?

The easiest and quickest ways to get more followers for your Poshmark account are by following other Poshmark users (specifically Poshmark Ambassadors and new Poshmark users – which are both provided in lists that you can only access through the smartphone app), continuously list new items in your Closet, share your Closet link on other social media platforms, and share other seller’s listings.

What Does Reserved Mean on Poshmark?

If an item is showing as ‘Reserved’ with the rarely-seen yellow ribbon, that means that a Poshmark user is in the checkout process, and may end up purchasing the reserved item.

Please keep in mind that your item(s) will not sell every time you see the ‘Reserved’ ribbon, and the ribbon can stay on the item for 30 minutes or more. While the item is in ‘Reserved’ mode, it cannot be purchased by another Poshmark buyer.

What is My Poshmark Invite Code?

Your Poshmark invite/referral code is quite simply your Closet’s username. Your username is prefixed with an @ symbol. Give this code to your friends and family, and share it on social media in order to rake in referral dollars and help others save $5-$10 on their first purchase.

If you don’t have a Poshmark account yet, please feel free to use mine if you’d like: POSHERCLUB (A huge thanks if you do!)

Exactly What Can Be Sold on Poshmark?

Poshmark is a marketplace for women’s, kids’ and men’s fashion and accessories.

The platform allows for the exclusive buying and selling of clothing, accessories and make-up.

What is a Poshmark Ambassador, and How Can I Become One?

Poshmark sellers that achieve certain standards put out by Poshmark – and retain that status – are given Poshmark Ambassador status. They were once named Suggested Users, but that name has since been defunct.

To achieve Poshmark Ambassador status, you are required to do 5,000 community shares, 5,000 self-shares, 50 new posher shares, have 50 available listings, have at least 15 sales, uphold an average purchase rating of 4.5 stars or higher, contain an average shipping time of 3 days or less, and give at least one Love Note to another Poshmark seller.

What Percentage Does Poshmark Take as its Fee?

Poshmark takes 20% of all sales on items $15 or more. For sales below $15, the company’s cut is $2.95.

For what the platform provides, and the ease involved in creating a new listing, this fee isn’t abnormally high.

If this fee were to ever change in the future, it isn’t entirely certain if its movement would be upwards or downwards.

How Do I Sell on Poshmark?

It’s extremely simple. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one here. (Create one here if you’re in Canada) When signing up, use my invite code (POSHERCLUB) and you will get $5 off your first purchase. If you use my invite code, thank you very, very much!

Once you’ve created your account, login and select the ‘Sell’ button – it’s located directly bottom-center on the smartphone app, and top-right on the desktop website.

Now that you’re at a brand new listing screen, all you’ve left to do is fill in the blanks and hit Publish!

How Does Poshmark Pay its Sellers?

Poshmark gives sellers the option to get paid through bank direct deposit or a delivered check.

The average bank transfer takes roughly 1-3 business days to be deposited.

What is a Poshmark Closet Clear Out?

Poshmark Closet Clearouts are great. They allow sellers on the platform the fairly rare opportunity to drop the price of as many items as they wish by at least 10%, which in turn, not only provides potential buyers with discounted $3.99 or $4.99 shipping (paid for by Poshmark – not the seller in the case of Closet Clear Out), but on top of that, also sends out mass e-mails to every individual that has liked that item since its been posted in your closet (as long as you drop the price of your items 10% lower than their lowest historical price).

Poshmark has full control of which days they decide to make Closet Clear Out days, which I’ll be the first to admit, is indeed a bit strange. (Also, a mass-closet clear out button would be nice, too!) I’d like to pick when I would like to do a Closet Clear Out, but unfortunately that is not the case. The company seems to run one of these special days about twice per week.

What Shipping Supplies Can I Use with Poshmark’s PoshPost?

You are able to use USPS Priority Mail, Flat Rate, and Regional Rate Boxes, Poly Mailers and Bubble Mailers. Another option is to use your own Poly Mailers, Bags and Boxes.

Keep in mind, USPS shipping supplies are free, so taking advantage of this as a serious Poshmark seller is extremely important in saving money on shipping costs.

Please note that Express Mail boxes are not approved for Poshmark use.

How Do I Delete a Love Note I Received?

If you ever wish to delete a love note (which is a publicly-visible note left on a Poshmark seller’s about page by a buyer for giving a 5-star rating + a comment), you are able to do so by opening the Poshmark app on your smartphone and heading to the Account Settings (far bottom-right). Once there, scroll down to ‘My Sales’. Next, scroll down to the item that sold and tap on it. Once you’re at the sold listing page, choose the ‘Problems / Order Inquiry’ button at the bottom of all the options. Finally, select ‘Remove Love Note’, which is the 4th option from the top.

This is useful in the event that someone tries to make you look extra bad by giving you a 5-star rating with a real nasty comment attached to it. Negativity usually isn’t good for business.

What is That Poshmark 30 Minute Method, and Does it Actually Work?

The 30 Minute Method is a strategic set of events set in place by Poshmark seller Lyn Cromar, with help from the Poshmark Analytics Group; a group who has allegedly spent great amounts of time analyzing Poshmark data and algorithms to determine the best triggers.

Can I Put My Account on Vacation Mode?

You absolutely can. Poshmark understands that people need breaks, and vacation mode allows for just that. Head to your Poshmark app, tap on the Account Settings tab (far bottom-right), and scroll down until you reach the ‘My Seller Tools’ option. Tap that, then choose ‘Vacation Hold’. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be presented with a switch to turn Vacation Hold on. If you flip the toggle you’ll notice that ‘Begins’ and ‘Ends’ date show up. Set these up as you wish, then hit ‘Save’.

How Do I Activate and/or Change My Seller Bundle Discount?

To change your Seller/Bundle Discount, you need to open the Poshmark app on your smartphone. It is not possible to change this feature on desktop at this time

What is the Drafts Feature and How Do I Use it?

Poshmark recently (February 2019) released the My Drafts feature to all of its Poshmark users. The feature was first noticed by a Poshmark user in early December 2018.

To save a listing as a draft, simply add a cover photo and whatever details you wish to a new listing. Once you’ve done so and would like to save your listing as a draft, scroll to the bottom, hit the “Cancel” button, then you’ll notice an option that says “Save to Drafts”. Tap that and you’ve just saved your first draft.

To use the drafts feature on mobile, hit the ‘Sell’ button (bottom-center), and the built-in camera app should open. Once it does, you’ll notice if you look at the top-right, an underlined word that reads “Drafts”. Tap it, and you’ll see a list of all your drafts.

To use the drafts feature on desktop, head on over to the Poshmark website, then click on the “Sell on Poshmark” tab found at the top-right corner of the screen. Once you’ve done so, you’ll notice any drafts that you’ve saved at the very top of the page, in an image carousel style.

You are limited to a maximum of 15 active drafts at any one time. This limit may very well change in the future.

How Many Drafts Can I Have on Poshmark?

You are limited to 15 (fifteen) for the time being. We are unsure if this limit will be raised, but chances are that it will as the company builds stronger servers for their platform and its growing number of users.

What is a Poshmark Suggested User?

A Suggested User is what Poshmark used to call its Poshmark Ambassadors – a name given to sellers who have accomplished and continue to uphold to a number of predetermined goals set out by Poshmark. Suggested User is a name that is no longer being used by the company.