Selling on Poshmark from Canada

The Latest Poshmark News, Tips & FAQs!

Poshmark is a popular online reselling platform where users can buy and sell secondhand clothing, shoes, and accessories. Although Poshmark is based in the United States, Canadian users can still buy and sell on the platform. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks for selling on Poshmark from Canada.

  1. Know the Shipping Costs When selling on Poshmark from Canada, it’s important to know the shipping costs. Poshmark uses Canada Post for all Canadian shipments, and the cost varies depending on the weight of the package. The shipping cost for a package under 500g is $12.99, while the shipping cost for a package over 500g is $22.99. Make sure to factor in the shipping cost when pricing your items.
  2. Offer Free Shipping Offering free shipping can increase the chances of your items selling quickly. Buyers are often more likely to purchase an item if they know that the shipping is already included in the price. If you’re worried about the shipping costs eating into your profits, you can increase your prices slightly to cover the cost of shipping.
  3. Use the Right Keywords Using the right keywords in your listing can increase the visibility of your items. Make sure to include the brand name, size, color, and any other relevant information in your listing. You can also use high CPC (cost per click) keywords to attract more buyers. Some popular keywords for clothing and accessories include “vintage,” “designer,” “boho,” and “retro.”
  4. Take High-Quality Photos Taking high-quality photos of your items can make a big difference in how quickly they sell. Make sure to take photos in good lighting and from different angles to show the item’s condition and details. You can also use a photo editing app to adjust the brightness, contrast, and colors of your photos.
  5. Share Your Listings Poshmark has a social aspect where users can share their listings with other users. Sharing your listings can increase their visibility and make them more likely to sell. You can share your listings with your followers, share them to parties, or share them to the general feed. Sharing your listings regularly can help you gain more followers and increase your sales.
  6. Participate in Parties Poshmark hosts daily parties where users can share their listings to a specific theme or category. Participating in parties can increase the visibility of your items and make them more likely to sell. Make sure to share your items to the correct party, and use the party hashtag in your listing.
  7. Offer Bundle Discounts Offering bundle discounts can incentivize buyers to purchase multiple items from your closet. For example, you could offer a 10% discount on purchases of two or more items. This can help you move more inventory and increase your sales.
  8. Be Responsive and Professional When selling on Poshmark, it’s important to be responsive and professional with your buyers. Respond to messages and offers in a timely manner, and be courteous and friendly in all interactions. Providing excellent customer service can increase the chances of buyers leaving positive feedback and returning to your closet to make future purchases.

In conclusion, selling on Poshmark from Canada can be a great way to make some extra money selling your gently used clothing and accessories. By knowing the shipping costs, offering free shipping, using the right keywords, taking high-quality photos, sharing your listings, participating in parties, offering bundle discounts, and being responsive and professional, you can increase your chances of success on the platform. Happy selling!