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Steps to access the MyGroundBiz FedEx in Mobile

FedEx has set up the portal considering various needful aspects for users, safety for the personal and transit data is one of them. The portal is designed with an algorithm that acquires a new password after completing 90 days repeatedly. You will get a notification email on your registered email address saying that your password is expired. You can reset a new password for your FedEx account by clicking on the given link in the received email. The online website is also accessible using a phone kindly read further to know the steps to access the MyGroundBiz FedEx on mobile.

MyGroundBiz FedEx Mobile Access

FedEx has set up one of the finest and safest web portals meant for quick updates of the company and its services. Users can visit access the website with valid login credentials. The portal secures all your personal and delivery transit data no one can access your account until and unless they have valid login credentials. 

The portal includes a mobile interface as well which allows all the FedEx customers to access the website using their phone devices. 

  • Firstly open a browser in your phone device
  • Visit the official FedEx portal: https://www.mygroundbiz.com/login?redirect=%2f
  • The portal will detect the device automatically and will provide you with the mobile interface for the MyGroundBiz portal.
  • Now kindly input the FedEx Id and click on the login tab.
  • Next step is to enter valid login credential to access the portal dashboard

There is no Android or iOS application for the MyGroundBiz portal but it’s quite simple and easy to access the FedEx online portal in your mobile device.


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