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FedEx is an American Company which deals with transit services the Company has set up an online portal for users. Anyone can access the FedEx web-based from anywhere at any time using valid login credentials. Kindly read further to know all the valuable benefits of the MyGroundBiz Portal. 

Benefits of MyGroundBiz Portal

Below given are the benefits that users can acquire by registering an account at the MyGroundBiz Portal.

  • Users can check the track the current status of their transits 
  • The portal helps users to check the available delivery dates
  • It helps users to change the delivery dates for the package
  • Users can get to know the fees slabs of the transit charges
  • You can have quick updates for the FedEx news
  • The MyGroundBiz Portal helps users to know all the ongoing offers of the FedEx Company
  • They can have a quick update for daily and weekly discounts on FedEx transit charges
  • The FedEx web-based portal helps users to know all the paid and pending charges of the transit services. 
  • You can even have eForms using the FedEx portal
  • It is a 100% safe and secure web portal that protects all your personal and transit data.

MyGroundBiz website provides all the above-given benefits to those users who have registered in the official web-based portal. Users can have information regarding the vehicle sales and provider links in the official portal. 


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